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Thanks for the interesting article. Difficult conditions for Nigerians. I live in California and recently faced the need to take out a loan to buy fur

Article Comments Nigeria's Central Bank Tightens Loan Conditions Amid Inflation Surge
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I don’t think the business model is broken and for me new weight loss drugs are complimentary to their current offering. These drugs are only affordable to the wealthy who aren’t their main customers. If you read the 10k carefully the 33% drop in sales was primarily due to a similar drop in the number of Coaches they have in their operations. If they can address this issue (lack of coaches) in the next year along with the acquisition of LifeMD to target new customers, this company can continu

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I like this bank too, thanks for the article.

Article Comments Itau Unibanco Offers Quality, Dividends and Value
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I wrote a deep dive about Sea Limited - https://www.sleepwellinvestments.com/p/sea-limited-se-overcoming-sea-change And bought the business as well -

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Heavy insider buying.

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0 Jun 16, 2024

The Democrats are doing better.

General Discussions Presidential Cycle, Political Parties and the Stock Market
1 Jun 16, 2024

This is so good. Prior to GuruFocus I could not find this data, especially in this cohesive form.

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There is a severe warning sign about Natera's operating margin. But the operating margin has improved in recent years, hasn't it?

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0 Jun 16, 2024

In the article, it mentioned a current share price of $193. But the article was released on Jun 13 or 14. The closing price on Wed Jun 12 was $213.07,

Article Comments Apple Is Positioned for Growth
1 Jun 14, 2024

how do you think about the combined ratio will change due to inflation?

Investment Ideas PGR
3 Jun 14, 2024

Thanks for providing this thorough analysis on an attractive option for a country with a volatile economic environment.

Article Comments Itau Unibanco Offers Quality, Dividends and Value
1 Jun 14, 2024

Paypal honestly made me losing the trust of value investing as well as Gurufocus. With such a great researched score and GF score, plus a significantly undervalued rating, this stock is still a dead cat…

Article Comments PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL)'s Winning Formula: Financial Metrics and Competitive Strengths
1 Jun 13, 2024

the growth is there to stay

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10 Jun 13, 2024

Am a victim to them please guys stay away from platform. I managed to get help Marketpeace net. And they helped with my re claim Jeff was helpful alon

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0 Jun 12, 2024

What is price prediction with IDE submittal?

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0 Jun 11, 2024

Cant see why Michael Burry bought this crap at 7USD. It look like a liquidation value play if buildins are 26.8USD per share less long term debt 10.4U

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3 Jun 11, 2024

Interesting to compare my actual/real Fisher Investments portfolio vs what is reported here. Your info makes me believe that "what is good for the Goo

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2 Jun 11, 2024

Whats AMD potential

Investment Ideas AMD
6 Jun 11, 2024