April Members Engagement Meeting Recap: Screener Additions and the Stock Market News Page

Users can now see trending topics from a number of popular news sources

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Apr 03, 2024
  • GuruFocus recently updated the GuruFolio PDF.
  • It has also added a number of new filters to the All-in-One Screener.
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Dr. Charlie Tian, the founder and CEO of GuruFocus, went live today to share new features on the website as well as answer questions from users.

To start, he showed off several new features, including the Stock Market News page located under the articles tab. GuruFocus readers can find a number of news articles from outlets like Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC all in one place.

Using the equity portfolio for Bill Gates (Trades, Portfolio)' foundation as an example, Tian then went on to discuss the recently updated GuruFolio PDF. This data can be found on the individual gurus' portfolio pages.

He also showed off several new screener filters, including analyst price targets and estimates, and the new sorting feature available in the view section of the All-in-One Screener.

Tian also answered a number of questions from users, covering topics like how to calculate a compounded annual growth rate, customized filters, what free cash flow can be used to determine and even did a brief evaluation of a few stocks, including Lululemon Athletica (LULU, Financial) and Ameriprise Financial (AMP, Financial).

Watch the full stream below:

Stay tuned for all of our exciting new developments over the coming months!


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