June Member Engagement Meeting Recap: Revamped Load From Portfolio Screener Options

Users can now find stocks that are part of indexes, ETFs and guru portfolios

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Jun 05, 2024
  • Charlie Tian discusses new updates to the site, stock valuations and more.
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GuruFocus founder and CEO Dr. Charlie Tian went live today to share new features on the website as well as answer questions from users.

To start, he discussed a revamped feature within the All-in-One Screener. While users were previously able to load their portfolios into the screener, they can now also add other elements like its membership in a specific index or exchange-traded fund, as well as specific gurus' 13F portfolio filings.

Using Nvidia Corp. (NVDA, Financial) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT, Financial) as examples, Tian then went on to show off the Events feature within the Interactive Chart, which was introduced last month, as well as the recently added Estimates data tab within the stock summary page.

Tian also answered a number of questions from users, covering topics like Chinese insider trades trends, interactive chart functions and much more.

Watch the full stream below:

Stay tuned for all of our exciting new developments over the coming months!


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