February Members Engagement Meeting Recap: The Presidential Cycle Page and Company Transcripts

Users can now access transcripts for companies' earnings calls

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Feb 07, 2024
  • Tian also highlighted popular features within the All-in-One Screener.
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Dr. Charlie Tian, the founder and CEO of GuruFocus, went live today to share new features on the website as well as answer questions from users.

To start, he highlighted some market developments by looking at the S&P 500 GF Value (^GSPC, Financial) chart, which suggests the market is fairly valued currently, as well as the insider buy-sell ratio.


Using Nvidia (NVDA, Financial) as an example, he then went on to discuss some new features that have been introduced over the past month. One of them is the Transcripts tab, which allows users to access transcripts for things like company earnings calls.

He also showed off the new Presidential Cycle page, which makes observations about trends in market performance over the period of a typical four-year term.

Tian also answered a number of questions from users, covering topics like stock valuation, screener functions, the predictability rank and much more.

Watch the full stream below:

Stay tuned for all of our exciting new developments over the coming months!


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